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      Hi johny… i am new in al this like i say i got my artemis mk2 few days ago and i started to play but the mouthpeice what i am using is not good i thing its old and used and inside is full of small holes i dont know how do describe and ist plastic one so i was thinking to buy a new one…Here in croatia we dont have many shops with this things so i found VANDOREN ALT SAX AL3… i am a beginer can enyone tell me something about this mouthpiec and is it gona be ok for me…

      Andy Berlin

        I think the best / easily available beginner’s set up is using a Yamaha C* with a Vandoren #2 reed. Inexpensive and will produce reasonable tone & projection. When you’re more confident about your embouchure, move up to a 2 and 1/2 reed or even a #3. By then you’ll know a lot more about your personal tone needs and preferences, and can move up to an inexpensive metal mouthpiece like an Otto Link . . . Try that Yamaha C*, you won’t be disappointed (or broke). Andy


          Yes, that’s good advice. Yamaha, Vandoren and Selmer all good. The size opening is the key at your beginning stage and so the C* is a good recomendation, Selmer makes one and I wrote a review about it here:

          If you can’t get hold of these recomendations I think you’re ok with the one you have now.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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