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    wayne wojnarowski

      Hey there’s one guy on the internet who gets about 3 or 4 reeds which he considers playable, and then keeps them in a sort of sealed baggie with a humidity meter and according to the humidity he picks a certain reed, he says not to throw out your “duds’ right away he suggests to try them on a different day, meaning they react differently in different humidity conditions????????? The guy that I mentioned who kept his reeds in some sort of solution was from Colorado where he says it’s very dry hence keeping his reeds in maybe some sort of contraption that R Rafael mentioned.

        Jon Ingram

          I’ve been trying the permanently wet method of keeping reeds, seems to work for me. I’m using a half and half “original” Listerine solution because the mint flavour turns them green! They are certainly lasting longer than the previous “dry” batches. When I go out I take them in the same solution in a medical sample pot the Doc gave me one time (I didn’t use it for purpose) – I’ve got the rest of the band (string players) believing dedicated sax players soak their reeds in their own urine to keep them pliable!!!! 😉


            @jon – i’ve saved a fortune by soaking my reeds – for every box of reeds i’ve wasted money on, i can buy 2 sax cd music books.

            My mix is 1 part listerene to 9 parts water – then i change the liquid every 2/3 weeks.

          Viewing 4 posts - 11 through 14 (of 14 total)
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