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    John Demsher

      Playing a guard king I had refinished. Was hoping to buy for your site Johnny but looks like you stopped selling? I think I want the studio fat boy or mb1. Wish I could try both and return one. Tried Jody jazz dev and chi dev. They play so easy and smooth. Like right out of box but something in the way they finish Thayer I couldn’t adjust also don’t have quite the ouch of the guardala. The theos are another easy to play but found them way to thin

      Where are you guys getting your nadir hand finished guardala
      These days. Thanks


          you can buy guardala’s from this site as well, they sell to the USA
          Guardala Studio – Tenor Sax Mouthpiece – Gold Plated – Handmade


              I get mine from Nadir in Germany. You can order from him directly. Not sure about the price differences from him directly or the other links that are here.
              I was selling them from my site for a while but not in this to be in that business so I just stoped….too much time and hassle with delivery delays and people getting upset etc.
              But they are good and I play the MBI mostly and have been for 30 plus years so not just modelling them!
              Jody Jazz has some good models too (I tried the Jet and really liked it), and so does Wanne (I have a Durga2 which is decent). I know guys who are constantly shopping for and trying new ones…I don’t have the time and energy for that now. Just glad I’m totally happy with what I got.
              But if you’re at the stage where you do have to get something better then do look at the 3 brands I just mentioned. There are more but I haven’t kept up since there are just too many now.
              It is worth the struggle tho cause as you probably know by now…your mouthpiece is the one thing that can improve your sound the most.

              John Demsher

                UPDATE! I just got the new Theo Wanne Brahma and it has been the best so far. Although I did order a Nadir Guardala MBII from Theo’s brother Tom at wedge distribution, I found that the Guardala’s just don’t mesh fully with a Super 20. Theo’s Braha is supposedly modeled after the Berg and the Lawton. Not sure I am fan of the ligature so going to experiment with rovner ligature to see if I can get it to be richer and warmer

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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