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    john springer

    I play in a 5×5 climate controlled storage unit for $55/month ha ha. I play as loud as I want in a 65F environment in the winter.


    howzat way cool
    good idea and motivational to get down and boogie ‘n go and practice cheep cheep too
    the acoustics must slap you out a bit or do you use blankets on the walls or somethink?
    moose earmuffs even? lol

    hey @john you heard this guy slap tounging?
    a good effect for r’n r and other icicles
    starts at about 3:00 on first vid


    Where to play if you have an Apartment yet ya gotta no Storage Shed to practice in 🙂 – – – –

    Check out the ringing right hand / whoo hoo (“give the right hand to one unhappy”)
    Also check out how he is hanging on by his teeth (importantly)

    brother cavefishbrother cavefish

    not a big fan of beat boxing, but he does it well for sure , talent,,,i am blessed i have a house, now i play in the shower, living room or garage

    john springer

    I actually just play in the hall of the storage place – just 2 feet outside of my 5 X 5 unit. The halls of the building act as a resonance chamber. Sounds like I am playing in a theater.

    john springer

    I have heard Beat Box yes. I have not decides if I like that style or not. I am really focused on trying to sound something like Cannon, Randolph and of course Johnny. Beat Box might be easier though LOL


    very cool, I think I saw him before. whatever it’s called he’s real good and full of feel and rythme.. I guess that’s what counts

    Stanislas Gaillard

    I live in an apartment too and it is an obligation for me to play outdoor because my neighbour upstairs is particularly sensitive to noise and above all : hunter.

    So… I play alternately in the forest and with my friends in a place we rent once a week.

    Here a short video taken 2 years ago for a friend who loves Sade (whith some choristers in the background).

    Stanislas Gaillard

    Someone to help me to embed the vid please ?


    Hi Stan, first of all you need to upload your music file to either
    Youtube, soundcloud or vimeo. Once you’ve done the upload, cut and paste the link to your upload into One of forums.

    I’ve tried all three sites, and settled for youtube.

    I found vimeo only allowed a small number of uploads every week, so i scrapped vimeo,

    i found soundcloud is just full of people that message you, wanting you to pay them a monthly subscription to promote your music on their so called websites – so i scrapped soundcloud.

    Which left me using youtube.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 11 total)
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