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      Hey folks: Try The person that has the site has many mouth pieces. He has been playing for 40 years. I talked to him a few days ago and he said he would let me try mouth pieces at his home. You will see on his site that he has many MP’S. He says he has more than any one else in Southern Cal. Give him a call.

      Rodney Name

        Scarsax, may I ask why you pick aluminum over gold version..thx


          Hi all,

          I play alto and have a student Yamaha 100 for now and have been playing for since xmas and have been really unhappy with my tone. I yesterday discovered the virtues of changing the MP and reed combo. I bought a Selmer C* off the Net for $50 and at my weekly lesson bought a 21/2 Vandoran ZZ reed to trial – a step up from the 2’s I have been blowing. WOW – what an immediate improvement. Much better tone and not as thin as the Yam 4C MP. It remains a classical sound though and I am wondering if anyone has a combo that projects a more rock sound. Is it even possible on an alto and expecially a cheapie!. Subconsciously I think I am picturing a Tenor sound which I reckon might be my next sax. Johhny – will a metal mouthpiece make the difference?

          david wolf

            I’ve ended up sticking with the original mouthpiece with the horn (martin alto). I have a selmer c* and a rico graftonite, but in the end it seems like your horn ends up sounding like you. There’s a voice under the different horns, mouthpieces, and reeds that ends up coming through now mattter what. I guess the kicker is to develop that.

          Viewing 4 posts - 11 through 14 (of 14 total)
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