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A Practical Study In Rock And Blues Saxophone Improvisation


  • good for all Bb and Eb saxophones
  • the right blues scales and how to apply them
  • short and simple exercises guaranteed to ingrain them into your brain
  • step-by-step instructions with audio examples and video lessons
  • rip-off some of my favorite go-to licks that will start your solo off right
  • professional band tracks to back you up while you experiment and develop your own style
  • we analyze, break-down and learn the Bobby Keys rockin’ blues saxophone solo on the Rolling Stones song Brown Sugar
  • finally all the tools you need in one place with step-by-step instruction to pull off some cool and killer sax solos!
  • lessons in ebook have corresponding link for online video lesson

...finally the one that lives up to its promise.

S.R. Gibb

...a delight to learn scales and exercises that help promote improvised playing and understanding how it is done.


...This is instant material that you can learn from and then use.

Andew L. Blackard

...Today I spent over 3 hours practicing & the time flew by since the exercises are fun & sound great

H. R. Mayers

...if playing blues and Bobby Keys type sax is your thing like it is mine then I would highly recommend it.


...a lot of fun with the accompanying video lessons that really lets you see how he does it so you can copy.


...It really influenced my thinking in how to practice and construct solos.

R. Smith

...Not just scales, pics and dots like other books I've seen but he actually shows you how to use the material.


...Johnny does a great job of simplifying theory and technique in this book.

Randy V.

...Finally, saxophone licks and patterns that I will actually use.

Randy Metson

...I like the way Johnny breaks down the blues, pentatonic major & minor scales into very simple manageable concepts.


...I would recommend it highly and certainly buy anything else Johnny writes.

Amazon Customer

...This is an excellent product for intermediate sax players!


...goes straight into the licks and scales you will need. Highly recommended!

Carlos Ceferino Estigarribia

...I thought that it might be too difficult for me when I bought the book but boy oh boy am I enjoying this.

marqueritte clasquin

This is the Culmination of What I’ve Learned Playing Professionally For Over 25 Years

and is a direct response to students who write in asking the same requests over and over…

“… how to improvise”

“… a step-by-step roadmap”

“… backing tracks with scores”

“… improve soloing blues saxophone techniques”

“… learn how to improvise in an easier explained way”

“… breakdowns of known sax solos to show how they are put together”

“… a cohesive series of lessons on playing Blues/Rock… particularly improvisation”

“… a magic pill that could have me playing as well as you!”

This is as close to a “magic pill” for playing blues saxophone solos that I could create for you!

Although there are several licks for you to learn and copy, this is not a book with lots and lots of licks for you to memorize and hopefully use in your playing. Instead, it gives you the foundation and knowledge that will enable you to play in this style. You’ll get comfortable and confident in creating your own licks. “give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day – teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for the rest of his life”.

It all boils down to just three things:

  • the right scales with simple, fun, musical daily exercises to make you learn them
  • a real example of a sax solo from a well-known song that follows these scales and what I teach
  • original licks you can copy and use to start a solo on just about any song, anytime, anywhere

Professionally recorded backing tracks

Not just one generic backing track but several. These cover a nice range from cool blues saxophone, swingin’ shuffle and rock ‘n roll groove. These are the same ones I used that were recorded by my own band (not taken off a karaoke CD!)

Backing tracks for every scale and exercise

This makes practicing scales not only more fun but gets you playing them in a more musical style right away. This beats the heck out of practicing to a metronome.

To play blues saxophone it just can’t get any easier. These scales have seven notes or less. Usually it’s just five notes. We rip apart the Brown Sugar sax solo and made a video demonstrating each lick and how to play them. They are also written out in musical notation to show how the notes relate to the specific scale.

The 7 original licks composed directly from our featured scales will add to your personal tool box. These also serve as a great diving board for you to come up with your own blues saxophone based solo ideas.

A Unique Saxophone Course

I wish I had a course like this one when I started to play. In a way I wrote this as if I was writing it for me, in the way I wish someone had done when I needed it. I remember having the same questions and concerns I hear from many students today. I understand the frustration of wanting to play something so bad but struggling to know exactly how to make it happen.

There are so many sax books out there, some are excellent for certain things, and some try to be the one-stop-shop for everyone and often come up short somewhere. This one does not cover a wide range of topics, but is narrowly focused on one specific thing – getting you well on your way to doing what the title says!

Who Is This Course Good For?

This is not a course that teaches fingering and how to produce a sound from your saxophone. You need to be at least past the very beginning stages of your playing. If you can get around fairly well on your sax and you’re ready to start learning how to play rock and blues saxophone solos this is for you!

Soloing does not come naturally to everybody. We all have a certain amount of imagination and expression. To put that into a killer solo, or even a nice sounding solo there are some things we need to understand and some musical tools we need to use.

What Others Are Saying:

“… at first I thought that it might be too difficult for me when I bought the book. But boy oh boy am I enjoying this.”

“… this book will take you to new places and is a great value for only $10.00.”

“… this training course is perfect for the sax player that wants to take his playing to a place where they can perform with a band.”


“… his chatty style is a refreshing contrast to the other sax lessons I have taken. Learning Sax has become fun again. A real bluesy sax sound coming through almost straight away and encouraging almost instantly noticeable progress.”

Here’s a complete list of what you get:

  • 8 videos – playable right on your reading device or computer
  • 18 audio samples – playable right on your reading device or computer
  • 20 different exercises, solos, and licks each with play-along tracks
  • 7 full length backing tracks
  • music notation for every exercise, solo and licks
  • background information on blues, specifically on important blues & rock saxophonists

Your Unique Benefits

Owning this course and being a member of has unique benefits. You’ll have access to me and other saxophonists in the members forum where any questions or problems can be addressed very quickly.

It’s the next best thing to having private lessons, without the expense!

The Cost?

Only $9.99 – Hey, I think the last pizza I bought was more than that! There’s no excuse so download it now and start rockin’…

How To Get This Killer Blues Saxophone Soloing Course?

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If you experience any problems with this download at all simply leave me a message in the forum:
Thank you
Johnny Ferreira