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  • Very kind Sxpoet,nice one !!
    Aside from all the ” jazz” stuff, one clip of alto totally blows me away. The Edgar Winter group ” Frankenstein “. The Winter brothers, ( Johnny and Edgar ) are tremendous musicians; though I’m not sure if they are still about. I hope so.
    After resetting this pad, I’ve come to the forum via, our friend and esteemed…[Read more]

  • Hey William. Hi man. !!

  • No problems…… Good !!
    Neck pain and headaches….ouch !!

  • Sorry Mel, yeah hi !! Been one of those days. Fitting a new broadband box, re configuring the pad. I’m really going to have to get a laptop soon I guess.
    Last year was tough. Lost a couple of very close friends. Getting older; these things happen. Where did the last thirty years go man ??
    So; as you have seen, I’ve taken on a whole new…[Read more]

  • Thanks Mel. Great to cyber see you again. Hope your playing is going well ? Dick Oatts is the player we are getting into right now. Check out the clip Jeff loaded this morning. Man ; some GREAT BE BOP.
    Take it easy, and I’ll look forward to speaking soon…..best…jak

  • Morning Jeff. A great way indeed to start the week. What a fabulous clip…..thankyou.
    Oatts for breakfast, lunch, dinner, can’t get enough of this guy right now.
    Have a great day, speak sooner rather than later.
    Cheers mate.

  • For sure Pete. Have a safe and happy week amigo !!

  • Can’t seem to find a place to blog this,the movie is awful….so !!
    From the movie ” Bird ” to Peter Kings you tube footage of himself playing Birds Grafton at auction, I have always adored be bop. I played a few tunes from the Bird omnibook on bari, they sounded fine.
    On tenorsax, I was frankly pretty lost. An average player who couldn’t find his…[Read more]

  • Sxpoet, thanks man, it means a lot. I’m still shell shocked after the breakdown I guess. I really need to stay focused, be happy and enjoy this fabulous alto. That’s the last I’m going to mention it. From now on, its all about the good things in life. Thankyou all guys so much. The place is looking great; a few new members I see. I’m going to mail…[Read more]

  • DICK OATTS…..MAN !!!!!!!!

  • So, pizza is in , time to take in a movie with Mother. This alto thing has me totally stoked. I won’t go further as I’m going to do a blog. The final chapter after years of playing. It really has to come back to Bird. For years, I’ve wanted to get be bop totally down. Early days relatively; I did bop on bari, but alto is the ultimate challenge.…[Read more]

  • Guys…..thankyou !! Read it all wrong and I’m going to leave it there. Its a huge boost knowing I’m still welcome. Jeff, thanks for the clips. I did watch the second ” uptown funk ” ( if I remember rightly )….what a great player !!
    Whilst I’m here has anybody else heard of SYOS mouthpieces ? I imagine it stands for ” shape your own sound “;A…[Read more]

  • Good morning. Rainy day dream away.
    After much thought, yesterday I popped in to say hi as you know. Many thanks for your replies which left me a little confused.
    I explained the breakdown I suffered; meaning to convey apologies for rambling posts. To my knowledge, I have not offended anybody.
    Two great versions of ” Hit the Road “….??
    I…[Read more]

  • Thanks guys. Old friends are good friends; your best wishes mean a lot.
    Sxpoet, don’t worry man. This whole sax playing thing is a journey. Good days , bad days. You may not think you are moving forward but so long as you are playing and enjoying that’s the important thing.
    Life is short Pete. Post meltdown, I’m grateful for every day. I reckon…[Read more]

  • Winter turns to spring
    What may she bring
    Summer turns to Fall
    Mother natures call
    Just trying to find some peace of mind.

    Hi folks,been a while for sure. Here’s hoping everybody is safe , happy and well.
    Looking back over my rambling posts, it may come as no surprise I had a breakdown the end of last year.
    I wasn’t dealing with things; just…[Read more]

  • Bro C, my apologies….
    I thought it was you had the backing tracks to ” sentimental mood “….. Its the good Sxpoet !!☺☺
    Didn’t mean to cast any doubt on your ability. Man, with that set up I imagine your doing fine…
    Sorry man….jak😕😕

  • So I guess the Leo P, s of the world, are making the grade, getting the airtime, making the money.
    Sure, he’s a good bari player, but the gimmicks….
    Pink hair, dancing about ??
    Sam Butera and Louis Prima did that ” comedy ” routine stuff back in the fifties and sixties.
    Thing was, they were amazing players. If that’s the way its going….MAN…[Read more]

  • I’m trying to think of an original horn player that is current…I can’t !!
    ” Fast fingers ” have never impressed me too much.
    Sure when I was younger it was compulsory to be into Mike Brecker….he was an incredible player.
    Chris Potter…I’ve heard about ten minutes….
    Give me a good tone every time and the ability to convey that emotion….…[Read more]

  • Nail it to a wall….LOL !!
    Yeah its tough Sxpoet. ” Reverbnation ” is set up as a p!atform for exposure. Free studio time, possible airplay on mainstream and college radio. A ton of stuff. But they insist on ” original material ” or no go….
    The free altissimo sounds great. Have you seen ” Lost Highway ” by David Lynch ?? The first track is “…[Read more]

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