jak Swift

  • Bro C, my apologies….
    I thought it was you had the backing tracks to ” sentimental mood “….. Its the good Sxpoet !!☺☺
    Didn’t mean to cast any doubt on your ability. Man, with that set up I imagine your doing fine…
    Sorry man….jak😕😕

  • So I guess the Leo P, s of the world, are making the grade, getting the airtime, making the money.
    Sure, he’s a good bari player, but the gimmicks….
    Pink hair, dancing about ??
    Sam Butera and Louis Prima did that ” comedy ” routine stuff back in the fifties and sixties.
    Thing was, they were amazing players. If that’s the way its going….MAN…[Read more]

  • I’m trying to think of an original horn player that is current…I can’t !!
    ” Fast fingers ” have never impressed me too much.
    Sure when I was younger it was compulsory to be into Mike Brecker….he was an incredible player.
    Chris Potter…I’ve heard about ten minutes….
    Give me a good tone every time and the ability to convey that emotion….…[Read more]

  • Nail it to a wall….LOL !!
    Yeah its tough Sxpoet. ” Reverbnation ” is set up as a p!atform for exposure. Free studio time, possible airplay on mainstream and college radio. A ton of stuff. But they insist on ” original material ” or no go….
    The free altissimo sounds great. Have you seen ” Lost Highway ” by David Lynch ?? The first track is “…[Read more]

  • Bro C….last , but most certainly not least. I saw in a mail, you had the bts for ” sentimental mood “….nice one !!
    Its not a tough tune…beautiful but not too challenging. If its OK with Johnny and you get stuck, shoot me a pm….I’ll talk you through it ☺
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks….
    May as well check ” preloved ” on the off c…[Read more]

  • Love the new avatar Sxpoet. As for some downloads, nothing would give me greater pleasure, but I’m not hooked up with the tech. If I was I’d be clueless anyhow.
    So happy to get the 10M back yesterday, but I had been so down with things I took off half a day to think of the future. Some contingency plans if you like.
    The possible job I mentioned a…[Read more]

  • Just for the record , how many times have I had to tell people saxophones are WOODWIND…. NOT BRASS !!
    ( Reed – wood …Wind ?…..possibly the lamb vindaloo I just had…😉

  • Yup….jak the Conn man ….☺☺ ( in the nicest of ways !! ). The idiot with the alto, left the wrong number on the advert. Left a message to phone me, but I’m not holding out much hope.
    Would you buy a horn off of a guy who can’t remember his own number…. DUH !!
    It was only a Texas made 20M, but it would have been a great starter horn for som…[Read more]

  • It goes without saying, IF I buy or sell anything on Johnny’s site, I will be kicking back a % into the funds . Its only fair. For now….a day at a time.
    Its been a good day, in fact a GREAT DAY !!☺☺

  • Hi folks, hope everybody is good….
    First things first…Mums back home and although still very weak she’s doing just fine.
    Thankyou all for your thought and best wishes, it means a lot …☺
    So, I picked up my 10M this morning. It wasn’t the cheapest of repairs but Richard has done a great job. The underslung octave mechanism was totally out of w…[Read more]

  • You bet your albacore…. LOL !!☺☺
    Let us know when the Morgan comes in..a #8 yeah ?
    Been back on the fifties Berg today…great !!
    Hopefully have the Conn back tomorrow…
    No essays ….😉
    Just a great days playing…
    Good mpcs make ALL the difference….
    Take it easy Bro…
    Soon…. Jak

  • Sxpoet, hi man. Chinese painting; that sounds beautiful. I just want to put sax stuff aside for a moment to say thankyou.
    You are obviously a busy guy, but each day you take the time to chat….it means a lot.
    I tried to post this earlier, but after the Doctor had been, Mum wanted to watch some cable TV…
    I hadn’t noticed before but the post…[Read more]

  • Good man Bro…
    Never say never; if mpcs are your thing keep trying them out. You’ve made some great investments; you have some fabulous mpcs….
    Its a ” journey ” man….if you don’t try you don’t know. Beautiful collection….great !!☺☺

  • Brother C….I have to agree…
    Your collection is fine…
    I wish it were mine….
    But its not !!…..☺☺
    Congratulations man, you are getting some fabulous mpcs….
    Enjoy them….best….

  • Oh, did I say ” you are doing great !! “…☺☺
    Speak soon guys….

  • Sxpoet, please message me anytime my friend…
    Mum watches television in the evening, I listen to music and stress ( lol !! ) over my Conn.
    AND…ramble on and on !!
    Its been really cathartic however and I’m most grateful; sincerely grateful for the best wishes.
    I’m not logging out….
    I really think I have covered things as I say until the years…[Read more]

  • Your EMB muscles tire IF you are working hard, doing the right things….
    Sxpoet… Your doing great man !!☺☺

  • Morning Sxpoet. Man you have come a long way in such a time. Thanks for your confidence in my problems being sax related….I wish I shared your confidence. Not looking forward to playing the old horn but yeah , that altissimo is working.
    So that’s me until the years end….
    I’m going to get stuck in, look after Mum…..
    Life’s not too bad….
    No…[Read more]

  • Dear diary…☺☺☺LOL !!
    My ” time off “…..MAN !!
    Who’s idea was this altissimo nonsense anyhow !!😉
    Seriously , a whole mixture of finding this chromatic altissimo octave challenging to say the least. At the same time, on the old horn I can get the full range. One of those days when at face value, you think you’ve had a bad day. On refle…[Read more]

  • Bass clarinet sounds nice Jeff….
    Go for it man !!☺☺

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