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peter schooling

  • Thanks for the comments James / Mark. I do use a patch already but maybe will look at differnt types for more ‘stickiness’. I’ll also play around with posture to see if that makes a difference.

    I have seen mp’s with a ‘build in’ patch – have you tried any of these?

    Thanks again, Peter

  • Hi – I posted a similar problem some time ago but still having trouble. The problem is that I start playing with the mouthpiece in the correct position but within 4-6 bars my mouth has moved down the mouthpiece so that I have a tiny bit of reed in my mouth which clearly stops not only the clarity but can also seize up the reed totally. I use a…[Read more]

  • HI All
    As a newbie to this forum i’m throwing out this issue with the hope that someone has might have a clever solution. i use a Selmer C* mouthpiec and have put a silicone teeth protector on the top which i hoped would protect my top teeth (whic it does) but after 2 / 3 bars of playing i find my mouth has slipped down the mouthpiece so that i…[Read more]