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Night Train Tutorial

By November 30, 2019 sax lessons

Make sure you have the sheet music and follow along…

If you don’t already have it, the link for the Night Train sheet music and backing track is here


  • Bruce Walker says:

    Hi Johnny,

    I bought Night Train, an earlier version, from you about six or seven years ago. Is it possible to get the new version as well, or do I just need to buy the new version?

    Bruce Walker

  • Thanks Johnny. The sheet music is a lot closer to the sheet music in my vol 4 Sax Classics music book. I just printed this newer version. So I’ll be practicing “Night Train” all December. “Night Train” is back in town.

  • Johnny Johnny says:

    Hey Bruce, that older version of Night Train was given away along with Tequila when you signed up. so it wouldn’t be in your “Purchase history” since it was never actually sold.

  • Johnny Johnny says:

    yes William, so many have recorded it with slightly different arrangements. in my older version I had a solo section but not in this new one. solo sections are great of course for those who can do it or are working one improv but a lot of people aren’t so this version is nice that way…plus if you do want to do a little improv on it you can in that soft section where everything comes way down, it’s perfect for that.

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