We’re Over One Year Old!

By November 22, 2012January 12th, 2018saxophone articles

Hi sax fans and members! It’s been well over a year now that we began this website HowToPlaySaxophone.org. This is just an update to what’s happening, what’s coming up and your chance to chime in to what you’d like to see and learn.


It was actually a keyboard player friend of mine who kicked me in the butt to get it going. He thought I could somehow get something up that would have some value for others to learn and with so many people signing on, I’m glad that I started this thing.

I’m happy to be in a position of having more time to devote to this ongoing project which I truly love, besides playing, it’s one of my favorite things to spend time on. Well, there’s my boat too but that’s another story!

My original intent and vision here was to put together a complete saxophone instruction course… books, DVDs, the whole nine yards. This, as you can probably imagine is no minor undertaking, both time-wise and financially. I am however staring to sort things out towards achieving this goal.

There are a series of lessons/courses being planned, each with specific goals in mind and each with the content that arms you with the best possible ways I know of that will help you achieve them.

First one up has just been completed – “How To Play Killer Blues And Rockin’ Sax Solos With 7 Notes Or Less”. Not only is this a subject that’s very near and dear to me, your survey results showed that many members here are looking for improvement in this area.

The other high number of requests were for a complete step-by-step beginners course. This is what I am working on at the moment and may have it out in the very near future. Meanwhile we managed to put the very first few lessons of this complete beginners course together and make it a quick-start guide and called it “So You’ve Got a Saxophone – Now What?

This guide will truly help the person that wants to learn sax but hasn’t even gotten a note out of it yet. These first few lessons will glide smoothly into the course I’m currently writing called How To Play The Saxophone – A Complete Beginner’s Guide which will take ones playing further along to reading and playing notes and scales, exercises designed to develop technique and phrasing, and finally playing real songs to develop your repertoire.

Other popular requests are:

improving technique
daily exercises
learn more songs

These are topics I will be looking at so if you have some requests or thoughts let me know!


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