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Saxophone Practice Tip: 12 Keys in 12 Days

By October 9, 2017April 14th, 2019saxophone exercises, Saxophone Tips

Saxophone Practice Tip:
12 Keys in 12 Days

The purpose of the 12 keys in 12 days saxophone practice tip is to make sure you’re proficient in all 12 keys.

This is a great saxophone practice tip that can help anyone to improve their saxophone technique and feel more confident in every key, not just your favorite 2 or 3 keys!

The idea is to work on many aspects of a single key for one day. The next day you move on to another key and do the same.

Many times in a practice session we try to hit everything and can skip or not even hit the most important areas which are our weak spots.

Sometimes when we practice bits and pieces out of different books and things it’s easy to get off track and not hit every exercise in every key. Also, most of us tend to not spend as much time, or even skipping over the harder keys.

In the video I cover a few basic but most important things we should be practicing every day until they’re second nature in our minds and in our playing. These include:

  1. key signature and relative minor
  2. practicing scales diatonicaly
  3. chords
  4. memorization
  5. simple transposition
  6. best way to schedule your 12 days

I touch upon a few exercises in the video and as you progress you can add more of your own variations.

Don’t underestimate this valuable routine!

Spending quality time on just one key and not rushing through a bunch of them does make a difference.

Hit everything in one key then move onto another key the next day. In 12 days you’ll have practiced each key quite thoroughly. After this 12 day cycle start from the beginning again. It’s amazing how good you’ll get after just a few of these cycles!


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