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Beginners-Guide-cover-200How To Play The Saxophone – A Complete Beginner’s Guide

This is my personal step-by-step guide for anyone that’s ready to start learning how to play the saxophone. It’s an eBook but different from a typical eBook because there are links in each lesson that take you to an online video lesson for further insights and live demonstrations for each particular lesson.
Price: $9.99
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killer-blues-cover-200How To Play Killer Blues and Rockin’ Sax Solos With 7 notes Or Less

You’ll learn the 3 most useful scales and how to use them when it comes to improvising over blues and rock based music. The scales are only 5 to 7 notes long. This course is super focused and includes 8 video lessons plus many more audio samples.
Price: $9.99
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The Complete Saxophone Fingering System Video Lessons

fingering-2001Close-up demonstrations for all the notes of the saxophone’s 2 1/2 octave range. Includes 3 videos and a fingering chart.
Price: $7.00
*Please note – These lessons are accessible through the “How To Play The Saxophone” eBook so if you have that one or plan on getting it you won’t need to purchase these lessons on their own.

sax-clock-e1424746072102A Perfect Saxophone Daily Practice Routine For Beginners

This is how you’ll make the best use of your practice sessions. Don’t waste valuable time on things that won’t help you to improve. Follow these proven exercises for as little as 30 minutes a day and make quicker gains!
Price: $20

Saxophone Altissimo Course

altissimo-200A step-by-step training course which includes 16 lesson videos spread out over 4 parts. The reason most students don’t ever grasp the techniques required to play in the altissimo range is because they don’t complete the important steps required BEFORE even trying the fingering.
Price: $79 for non-members/$67 for members

Major Scale Improvisation Course

Learn how to improvise using simple concepts built around the 7 notes of the major scale. Learn the theory behind the major scales’ diatonic modes and chords and then how to improvise with this knowledge. I developed this course specifically for you… the saxophone student who wants to start soloing over their favorite music.
Price: $47

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Add a New Tune To Your Repertoire Today…

itunes-logoSaxophone Music and Play-along Backing Tracks

Using a backing track is my favorite way of learning and experimenting with songs. Check out the growing list of blues, rock and pop songs that I’ve arranged for saxophone. Music charts include Bb and Eb and of course a downloadable MP3 audio backing track… so let the fun begin!

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