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    Robert Gomez

    Please check out this link of my 11 year old daughter playing ‘Yesterday’ on her Barbie Pink Soprano Saxophone (https://youtu.be/vUQ5KgAW-oI).

    Thank you Mr. Johnny Ferreira for your sheet music and awesome backing tracks. You have helped my daughter and I out so much!

    My daughter is a daily Saxophone player and is only 11 years old. I’ve been using Johnny’s backing tracks to teach my daughter to play saxophone since she was 9 years old. An alto was too heavy for her when she was 9 years old so I let her try my Curved Soprano Sax (Kessler Custom). She was getting notes out right from the jump. So I got her a Barbie Pink Soprano Sax. To get her started with the basics I would make custom lessons with plenty of long tones, metronome training, and scales. After the BORING fundamentals were out of the way in her daily lessons, I would show her parts of songs (usually 4 to 8 bars) from Johnny Ferreira’s library such as ‘Pink Panther’, ‘Tequila’, ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’, to name a few. One thing to note is that my daughter is severely dyslexic and cannot read sheet music. We have worked on it but she plays much better with me just writing out the songs for her. I’m a sax player too. Been playing since I was in 6th Grade. Some of the best Musicians I’ve jammed with in the past could not read music.
    She is very shy, and this took a lot for her courage wise to get recorded. That was the only take/ recording she did for this video. This video was for her Girl Scout Talent video this year. Her troop and the parents loved her video.

    Hope you enjoy her video. I am so proud of her.

    S P

    excellent, teachers use different colours in music sheets for dyslexic students, so they can play from music sheets.

    check this out

    Music for Dyslexics – Instructables


    S P
    Robert Gomez

    Thank you S P for the information. I’m going to try this and start working it into her wily routine. This is great.


    Whoop Whoop Fantastico 🙂

    Gary Deripaska

    Robert , Abigail, that was absolutely awesome, my wife loved the pink Saxophone. Very nice job Abigail you should be very proud of yourself.

    Gary D.

    S P

    You’re welcome Robert.

    One problem i have with music sheets is forgetting where to jump back to when i’m playing, so i often use a yellow highlighter on the music sheet as it’s faster for my eye to find a coloured mark on the sheet.

    Mike Potter

    BRAVO ABIGAIL!!! I loved every second of it. I to suffer from dyslexia (directional) and I have to mark up my sheet music (as well as enlarge the images) to be able to read while I’m playing. I look forward to seeing and hearing more of Abigail’s playing in the future.


    also, I bet her shyness starts to shrink as her confidence in her playing grows…that would be huge.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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