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    Hi Johnny. I took your altissimo course and learned a lot. I can hit G pretty well now. I have a F# key on my tenor. I use the B key with the f# key down and it hits G nicely. Can you recommend fingerings for G# and A that go easily from the B/F# key fingering? I can’t seem to hit either note with other fingerings. Thanks. Gregg

    Michael Bishop

    Gar: The G# and A that he teaches in his Altissimo course work great. I’ve been able to use Johnny’s Altissimo G# and A fingerings from his Altissimo course on 5 different Saxphones, 3 of which had the F# key like you’re talking about….doesn’t matter. His fingering positions worked regardless of which Saxophone I tried them on.


    the easiest for G# is the middle finger down on both hands.
    and for A it’s the middle finger and ring finger on left hand, nothing on right hand.
    of course you will see the 2nd choices for these but as far as fingering goes these are probably the easiest.
    remember to play the previous note long with full control and slide into the next without tonguing, this may enable you to get it easier
    of course practice smooth fingering first without blowing at all

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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