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      Anything regarding the “Altissimo Course”


        Lesson 1.

        I finally started this course, and really found out that I cannot go from the low B flat to the High F without looking at the sheet music, and even then, not fast enough to do it in one take and I need to go really slow using a metronome. I am learning that I am not breathing correctly, not smooth. It’s almost as if I am starting over. Which I do not like the sound of that, but for me ., its reality./ . Also, I have all these aspirations of playing many melodies but cannot if I cant get this lesson 1 down well.

        I am committed to not just practicing it to get it right, but to practice it, to not get it wrong. If what I just said makes sense?????? LOL

        I finally decided that this Saxophone playing is for the rest of my life. at age 53, I will never be a professional but want to be the best I can be. It starts with learning this course


        wayne wojnarowski

          100% in agreement about playing for ever it’s my Prozac! Vince I don’t know much but just keep practicing, that in itself is what will keep you going take it in small pieces and you have to repeat repeat till you get it! You will get what you put into it, I’m the same way
          I wanted it yesterday just keep playing everyday no matter what!


            Thanks so much for your response. I will keeping playing on everyday.

            Thanks Vinny


              Started today. I’m very excited.


                What separates Altissimo players from players that can’t play altissimo,
                is the same fighting spirit that separates people that get in a ring and box compared to people who are just resigned to sitting outside a ring and watch and dream of boxing in a ring.

                Half the battle is in how passionate you want to succeed.


                  Wow, Johnny, it looks like you have left no stone unturned with the Altissimo Course. It looks like a long road ahead, but I’ll take my time.
                  A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. Determined to open that door.


                    @Geoffrey – not trying to show off, i’d only been learning to play the sax for about 6 months (with proper weekly lessons, with a Pro), then i started the Altissimo Course as a sideline, and within a couple of months i was hitting an Altissimo G and the 1st three overtones. So the number of years someone has been learning the sax bears no relevance whatso ever of when to start doing overtones and altissimo. The biggest battle is determination to want to do it, without giving up – a lot of people just give up, and they don’t realise they are actually getting closer to doing it.

                    It took me several more months to master all the overtones, and after that all the other altissimo notes were achievable. Altissimo is overtones, there is no short cut, you cant play all the altissimo notes properly until you can play all the overtones in the altissimo course.

                    Once you can play the overtones, you will find a lot of the altissimo key positions on the internet will work. But Johnnys altissimo course has better key positions, so you can play an altissimo scale with out having to tie your fingers up in knots as a lot of internet altissimo finger positions makes it impossible to play a altissimo scale smoothly.


                      @Simon & Geoffrey…thanks guys and good luck! good advice from sxpoet (as usual)
                      best I can say is to take it slow and go thru everything. It’s not just a matter of going to the fingering section and expect to be able to hit those notes.

                      regarding trolling sites for more fingerings, the truth is there are too many because once we master that control of overtones and can
                      play all notes with a fingering or 2 then we can make adjustments and inversions that can also work…it’s almost endless so it’s not a good idea near the beginning of these studies to try 6 different positions for one note. the 2 fingering choices in my course work well on all types of saxes. they have been proven over decades. once you master the course then you can have more fun by inventing your own alternate fingerings.


                        I can do the fork High F and F#. I’ll keep practicing those notes e.g. the notes in the frame C# high E fork F# down to C natural B, A, middle F#. I do it til I can run it on down smoothly. It’s a two bar run taken from “Lily Was Here” which is a 12 bar blues I think

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