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    Michael Bishop

    😎 Hey Everyone,
    I’ve gotten messages from 9 different members 🙂 who have all asked me about the Juno Cane reeds that I used in “Tequila” as part of my reed experiment, as most players haven’t heard of this line of reeds (I’ve only been playing for a year so I wouldn’t know if they’re popular or not LOL) Glad you guys liked it and I have Johnny to thank for all his awesome Saxophone instruction.
    The website for Juno Cane reeds is http://www.junoreeds.com. Go down to the bottom of the webpage and you’ll find the link where you can see if there’s a dealer close to you. As student players, we all have to experiment and see exactly what reed works for us individually. The Junos I used in “Tequila” are what’s clicking for me, but it may not be what works for someone else. The Javas are FANTASTIC reeds and they may be what works for you. Experiment and see what happens.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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