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    Patrick Farrell

    Received your information about starting out with a #1.5 or #2
    reed as a beginner. I’ll order some and try these – Thanks!



    Hey, Patrick… welcome.
    You did not tell us which sax are you beginning with, but if it’s that on your pic, seems to be an alto -best choice for a beginner-
    You’ll be good with #2 … perhaps you’ll find you “sound better” with #1.5 . Really you’ll find you need little effort to play with a softer reed, especially on lower notes (D# and below, those in which you use your pinkies). The problem is that your embouchure muscles will be “comfortable” and will not have the chance to get stronger.
    So if #2 demands a bit of extra effort, stick with it. Moreover, reeds tend to soften with prolonged use. So the effect is both ways: muscles strengthen and reeds soften, you’ll notice you feel ok in a matter of weeks.


    Patrick Farrell

    Thanks for the advice…I’m just a beginner so everything is a big help
    to me right now. By the way I have a brand spanking new LJ Huchin MK11
    alto sax…Beautiful instrument!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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