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    ya Louis I was gonna say something very similar….
    on a mac garage band is the obvious one and is very good. I have a little demo of it in the “Recording” section of the Premium Members area.
    also, for pc there’s a free one called Audacity which does the same thing but user interface may not be as cool and slick as garage band….
    but I believe you can install garage band on a pc.

    keep in mind, these are only recording software programs and don’t make your recording sound any better than any other program. Your quality will depend on everything else: mic, interface and whatever else is in between you and your computer…and YOU of course!

    whether you set up something like this or simply record into your smart phone or tape recorder I highly recommend everyone record themselves. It’s the best way to keep track of what you’re doing and will help you improve… and for all those that have set up a personal page with me it’s a must!

    Jose Luis Hinojosa

    Thanks for the great advice, Louis and Johnny! Yes, I’d seen the video on Garage Band and Audacity, and I also saw where Johnny mentioned a simple hand-held recording device and even a cellular phone. My next step is to get my hands on one and start recording… and submitting to this platform. Thanks y’all – and Happy Belated Thanksgiving!


    recording ourselves is really important. doesn’t matter how you do it but having something to listen to yourself so you can track your progress. also, we hear things we will miss while we’re playing cause we’re focusing on other things.

Viewing 3 posts - 11 through 13 (of 13 total)
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