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    Stanislas Gaillard

    Hi Johnny, hi everyone,

    My name is Stan and I was born and live in France (nearby Cannes).

    I started to play the saxophone three years ago in my 50’s. The following year, an elementary school friend of mine asked me to join his Rythm & Blues band and I played on stage for my first “fête de la musique”. It’s was a terrific experience and I felt as happy as a 10-years-old boy… I can’t wait to go back next month !

    Otherwise I started learning the bases of music theory (enough to be able to reed an easy score) and basic skills during one year in my local conservatory of music but I could not be able to continue anymore, because the school decided to stop sax courses for the adults… So I intend to continue with a private teacher soon, because I am convinced that only playing by ear is fine but insufficient and I feel I do not progress anymore alone.

    Currently I play a tenor student sax (Yamaha) with Ottolink Supertone Master 6* mouthpiece and some Lavoz reeds medium and intend to make me happy soon by purchasing a Selmer Super Action 80.

    I have discovered Johnny on Youtube checked out some of his videos of tips and tricks and tonight while navigating I discover this site. It’s really great and rare that professionals take time and share their own experience to help non-professionals.

    A special thanks for the help Johnny.

    Et à bientôt amis musiciens !



    Hi Stan
    You will pick up a lot of useful tips on this site and advice from other people.
    France is great place for the saxophone and all the music festivals you have, also nice place you live.


    Hi Stan and welcome to best sax forum. I learned a lot from Johnny’s exercises and advices and he’s arrangements of songs are really awesome.


    Stanislas Gaillard

    Thank you to both of you Pete and Simon. I hope to see you there again.



    Hello Stan!

    Great place to hangout for great sax advice and courses.

    Stanislas Gaillard

    Hey Mel,

    Yes I am sure it is just after a few hours spent in researches and reading.

    See you !


    Great Stan, good for you! I was in that area long time ago playing at a music festival called MIDEM.
    There was another band playing with us called The Gypsy Kings. I really liked them so I went into their dressing room to talk to them in Spanish but they were all speaking French! I thought since they sang in Spanish they were from Spain but they actually were from, or lived in France….much to my surprise…anyway, I don’t speak French so I chickened out and walked away without speaking to them.

    Mike Potter

    Welcome Stan!!!

    Stanislas Gaillard

    Thank you Mike ! I have viewed your videos… Wow ! Great sound !

    Hello Johnny ! Yes the Gipsy Kings are originally from Spain, but most of them are french from a region in the south of France, where the influences of gipsy music are very strong. Many of their singles (bamboleo, djobi-djoba…) have been a big success in the 1980s. Good times !

    Thanks again for your helpful site for welcoming me !

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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