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    Leo Salu


        Good one Leo, little to much reverb unless it is the mix?


          Well played!

          It’s quite difficult to get the balance right if you play along with a recording that has another leading instrument playing in the recording. You only have two options, either you put your sax on the left speaker and the other sax on the right speaker, or both sax’s share both the left and right speakers – it’s personal choice.

          The other thing to control is the loudness of each sax, if it’s two instruments playing imho it’s good to get them both close to the same loudness so that one doesn’t completely drown out the other one out, because thats what you expect to hear when you play along with the backing track in the room.

          You can either play your sax louder or less louder at various parts of the song when you are doing the recording which is quite difficult, or the easier option is to do it after you have recorded your sax, at the stage where you have all the tracks in the software, when you create the final recoding where you merge all the tracks into one master track, as you are doing the final recording, you can raise or lower the volume of your recorded track at various points in the tune.

          Playing live along with other instrument players is just as messy, i played an acoustic guitar in a band along side two electric guitar players and i had to get them to lower their amp volumes, and the wind players had to stand at the front so they could be heard.

          all good fun, looking forward to more recordings Leo

          Wayne Galtier

            Love the Air Force hat SERGEANT SYLVESTRA!!!

            Good job, the only thing it needs is an audio editing program (DAW). It would give you more control on the mix. I use the free download “Audacity”. It is available in windows or mac. I use a Apple mini mac. Awesome little computer and it has preloaded video editing software called Apple iMovie. That is what I use on all my videos. Audacity is easy to use and you don’t need to be an audio engineer to use it.

            Enjoyed our email conversation about our air force years. Man,,,,,that was so long ago. I have vivid memories of my 4 years. Loved it. I should have done the full 20 and got a retirement at 39 years old.

            Keep up the good saxophone work. I wish I had as much energy as you. I will keep you posted as I move along on the next song.


            Leo Salu

              Thanks Guys, know it has it flaws but lots of fun playing it, Petes probably right on to much reverb but i just like the sound so I turn the echo all the way up, right
              along with the volume. The only control i have on the audio is with the Q2n video camera no computers involved just the settings. I’m keeping this video unlisted
              on you tube, I plan on rerecording it solo, going to try to get that sound the “animals” had with their release. could not do that with this one.

              Wore the my USAF hat thought Wayne would get a kick out of it, being that we are both very old United States Air Force vets. Stay tuned for more to come.

              PS there is no place like this forum anywhere, where else can you find so many saxs players all in one place offering good/friendly advice!


                Hey Leo that’s hilarious playing long with the full mix… sounds great tho and like you’re havin a ball and that’s what it’s all about.
                looks like you’re starting a sax shop with all those horns lined up there!
                what mic is that?

                Leo Salu

                  Hello John, it was great fun, felt like you were right in the room with me. I do that a lot with your videos just to learn the timing but this time thought i
                  would record it. Not perfect but a good learning experience glad you liked it. My little tribute to your playing skills! The mike is nothing special came with
                  the speaker that i use to get the echo effect. Saxes are lined up mainly because i fine the saxophone a thing of beauty could not see hiding them a way in a case.
                  I think the collection is over for now, happy with the current sax i am using. Thanks for watching and responding.


                    Cool, all my uncles fought in the 2nd world war, towards the end of the 2nd world war. one of them was a navigator in the RAF and he baled out over the english channel when his plane gave up the ghost. My grandad fought in the 1st world war, he was sent home with a shrapnel wound and nearly lost his arm to gangrene. In those days you had no choice and had to fight for your country and freedom.

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