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    Michael Bishop

    😎 Hey Johnny,
    With all this dry weather we’ve had here in Arkansas, I’ve noticed that some of my reeds are becoming “brittle” and chip at the ends while I store them in the case. I’ll use a reed and put it away in it’s protective case (I don’t keep using the same reed practice after practice till it’s no good any more, I alternate between reeds). A day or two later I’ll look at it and it’s chipped near the end, in the middle, etc.. This has happened with both Tenor and Alto Saxophone reeds and I do use reed care with a glass of water like you have shown here on your website. Is it possible change in weather patterns/change in climate can affect my reeds?


    Yes of course. Remember they are pure cane which is suseptible to climate and weather. This is usually only a problem in extreme conditions but I guess you are there! I’ve never had the problem so not sure what you can do. Maybe construct some case that can somehow provide a bit of moisture?

    Michael Bishop

    Yep, that’s what I suspected and it answers a few questions that I’ve had about why some of these reeds have been feeling slightly “rough” even with a simple Yamaha 6C Mouthpiece on Alto Saxophone…….. just about done with “Take Five” and really happy about it too! 🙂 I watched your solo over and over and over, as well as watching Paul Desmond. The solo I will play is similar to your’s yet different. I’ve been working on this thing since December almost every single day, literally one note at a time. I probably studied it in more detail than any exam while in nursing school LOL But it so, so cool to have this song as part of my list of repertoire 🙂

    We are definately having some problems with extreme weather here, from F4 Tornado just 10 miles from us to not even a drop of rain, hot and humid. Just go to accuweather.com and check out Arkansas–tons of people getting hit with MAJOR allergies and I was one of them. So dry and tons of pollen in the air. It’s been so bad that there’s been a number of people in the hospital for 2 days because they couldn’t breathe without feeling congested, getting bronchitis, etc. The weathermen are saying it’s because of the El Nino effect and I believe it for sure.

    Michael Bishop

    This was only 10 miles from our house, winds topping 200+ mph……..
    Yes, the weather here has been extreme to say the least.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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