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      I`ve been practicing with this reed for a couple days response was horrible.
      If someone can tell me how to upload a photo you can see the tip has a big chunk gone.
      I have used them all.The carbon onyx has been my favorite
      At $30 a piece i expect a more robust product.
      Awaiting a response from the wedge company..


        David, where dod you order it from?


          Hey Johnny..i ordered from The Wedge company.
          I sent them a photo and am awaiting a response.
          The reed chipped at the tip similar to your problem.
          Some of these reeds seem very brittle…not so good..
          Thanks for asking.


            Ok, thanks. I was just curious, it’s not like they have a worse batch than someone else….they all come from the same place!
            I have had one with a tiny pinhole on the tip and reprted it to Fiberreed and Harry Hartmann the creator assured me that it did not interfere with the reed’s performance. They are different that way from cane reeds. Still, we all want a perfectly looking reed attheir price.
            Just mentioning for you to at least play it, it may still work fine while waiting on another one….they are awesome reeds.

            brother cavefish

              my myself have no interest in the copper reed, now the hemp one sounded decent on your play test vid, it kind of raspy, but thery ar too much , and i could get a whole pack of great reeds for that price, i still have a new soft Onyx reed i would trade for a hemp

              DAVID MASTRUDE

                Contacted Mr Hartmann and rec`d ther following:
                “Hi David,

                Yes, you have to be a little more careful with the copper in the Onyx . They are not the same strong as the Hemp or the carbon Fiberreed.

                How did you like the sound of the playability of the new Copper Carbon Onyx?

                We will send you a new one. Let us know the strength, your address and which instrument.

                Best regards,

                I always appreciate good customer service.

                brother cavefish

                  the sound is not that great, plus too fragile, my thoughts,, cane works just fine

                  Mike Potter

                    So far, I’ve been very happy with the copper reeds I’ve purchased, I picked up two at the NAMM show in mid January (just before they released) and I dropped my mouthpiece with on of the on and it chipped the reed, but it would have destroyed a cane reed as well. The other one I’ve been using since January and it plays great (I would have gone through at least 4-5 cane reeds in the same time frame). I bought two more from Johnny last month just in case my first one crashes and burns. I’m giving this single reed a lifespan test! One thing I did find, these reeds tend to play sharp on my mouthpieces, I might check it up to embouchure but I’ve been using them for a couple months and they still play a little sharp. I did compare this reed with one I purchased last month and they’re both the same.

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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