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    normally i pop into our local music shop and buy one cane reed that has worked perfectly every time i’ve bought one, and they sometimes last up to a year (it’s all down to the way you break them in and store them).

    however my local music shop is shut during the virus lock down, so i had to order a whole box of reeds online instead.

    10 D’Addario – Select Jazz Unfiled alto saxophone reeds, Strength 2 Hard, for £27.42

    So, i thought, why not buy one of them synthetic reeds online at the same time

    1 Hartmann copper carbon classic alto saxophone reed, Strength 2, for £24.48

    so now, i’m waiting to try out the copper reed to compare it to the cane reeds i use. I’ve never tried a synthetic reed before, be interesting to feel the difference.


    Great JB, let us know how it works for you. The copper has become one of my favorites now.
    I can’t remember ever playing a D’Addario but I know many like them.
    your Copper price was a little higher than here in N America but maybe you paid less in shipping so….


    Hi Johhny, i still have to pay postage on top, depending on how much i pay for the type of delivery postage, i could have it delivered the next day or delivered two to three days later, which is the cheaper option.

    I ran through a lot of your videos, and i noticed your onyx sounds a lot different to your copper reed, not sure which i prefer. Trouble is you play tenor where as i play alto, so i cant compare a tenor sound to an alto sound in terms of selecting an alto reed.

    High notes on alto are a lot more pure in pitch, so it will be interesting to hear how clear the copper reed sounds.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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