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    Finaly a gadget that does what it says on the can

    this is not a gimmick



    The Pro that i have sax lessons with, showed me the Aurus 7,
    he recomended i try one out (so i’ve orded one), if it’s helps his
    students with their beathing properly using the diaphragm, and relaxing their embouchure while playing the sax instead of biting like crazy to get a steady sound which affects pitch and tone, Then i’m prepared to try one out.



    well i’ve ordered one from Germany.

    i was trying to find comments of anyone that has used one,
    the best i could find was from this site


    Received a pdf exercise sheet from the supplier, if anyone wants
    a copy drop me your e-mail


    seems kinda interesting but kinda weird and unessessary but if it helps you can’t argue with it.
    let us know how it goes please.



    Will do Sir, my Pro wants me to try one out to see if it helps in any way,
    he’s very open minded to trying new stuff, what may sound ridiculous in theory can sometimes work in practice.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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