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      That’s the challenge of playing music, there’s so many areas to focus on getting right, if you spend too much time on one area then the rest of the other areas quickly start to get rusty. It’s a juggling act.

      I spent 6 months one year being taught to improvise by my teacher, and my sight reading playing skills nose dived, because i also like playing sheet music, i had to spend a lot of time getting back lost ground.

      I love improvisation, its like meditating, you don’t have to worry as much about making mistakes as you do in playing sheet music, unless you get bigged down in do’s and dont’s about improvising. To me improvising is free spirit .. go where you want and enjoy it.


        Thanx heaps @sxpoet for sharing your thoughts about where you’ve been and howz i’s been going, impressed, in fact i am gonna start a record this day in it’s peculiar book all about my individual continuing daily adventures in brassland, it will help out soon enough, and give some encouragement later. To achieve one must heap up small things. Some daze ima bit slow. Anyways you certainly raise some good points about juggling, stuff like, say, fingering excercises, long tones, songs, scales, mouthpiece embouchere and separating tones, ear training, metronome work, sight reading, play along to MP3’s lesson video tutorials by Johnny, lung and breathing improvement etc. You have been a great help to me in my journey thus far with much on line input and sage advice, lots good thyme(s) too. Also great links and apps and it helps others significantly being with their own learning curves, that is from the clarity and focus you share from the time you’ve so far put in [which improves’ and moreso hastens the learning curve of others in good stead.] Cheers. Good idea your excercise record book thang. I’ll borrow it. .
        At the end of the book somebody might even add a postscript on our accounts. Eee!!, death by saxophone?
        Thanking you heaps mate, you’re “simply the best” !!

        Everything is noodles. Give us five. Live it up. Cruizin’ at the truckstop. Why be sad when you can be glad. Bring out the red carpet.


          Hi Saxo,
          Blame my teacher, they get kids to buy a note book, and the teacher usually write in the book what to practice for the next week, mainly aimed at doing a sax exam.

        Viewing 3 posts - 11 through 13 (of 13 total)
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