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    1752 blastoff
    right on, right on, right on
    many thanks @Johnny for the very tasty tequila slammer lesson’s

    they are really taking us places, and, into free fall too
    wailing on a high note even, we can see lotsa stars 🙂

    the lessons as clearly presented go down well and deep into the belly


    Thanking you for our current trip through the Dom7 Uni-Verse.


    Mike Potter

    Very cool, back in the early 80’s I jammed a few times with a Rockabilly band (The Rockin Rebels) I love the whole stand up bass/small drum kit vibe. Rockabilly is still popular at car and motorcycle shows.


    wow Mike – THE Rocking Rebels??

    so much talent here hey!
    way cool
    hey i sure like flexing my muscles to rockabilly and r & r dancing heaps,
    luv American muscle cars and varied chariots too lol
    you sure got a whole lotta style, Champ!
    i think i like the cut of your jib 🙂

    personally i really got a lotta content from Johnny’s blog on Tequila and the Dom 7 G scale
    a tremendous help that’s got me sailing along well

    anywayz i checked out Wikipedia, says
    Danny Flores, aka Chuck Rio, with The Champs had #1 hit in Jan 1958 with “Tequila”
    the song was B side to “Train to Nowhere”
    he signed his rights away to Tequila to guitarist Dave Burgess
    squabbling about band leadership etc
    and as such he did not receive any royalties to the tune
    was not until the early 2000s he received any royalties
    and only for sales in Europe …

    downloaded the Tequila album on Itunes and found good version of “Rockin’ Rebel”
    and groovacious tune “Chariot Rock”
    a great tune to jam along with, and, can clearly hear some signature Tequila riffs ..
    particuraly around 1:40
    have a listen, that is if you’re so inclined –
    chin-chin! cheers! bottoms up!


    Tequila was such a smash they coudn’t keep away from it!
    cool groove tho

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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