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    Thanks for this song choice Johnny! Fun one to play!


    Good one Jake. I followed you in the music humming most of the lyrics as you played the musical notes. I need lyrics and in a way you provided the lyrics in your music. The F# key is not hard to play. So today will be a Beach Boy day. Thanks for the video

    james brown

    Well played Jake. Your low notes sound great, your high notes suggest you need to adjust the mouthpiece. Simple solution, finger a low Bb and blow an overtone mid F in tune with a tuner, then finger a mid F and either pull the mouthpiece in or until both sounds sound identical in tone. Your sax will be in tune with itself, so when you play the high notes, they will sound a lot better.

    saying all that, great to hear you’re still playing on the forums, shame a lot of people cant find time to comment, especially when you make the effort to record and upload, but i guess some folks just keep to their own little circle of friends.

    randy hunterrandy hunter

    alrighty then Jake. You look like your having a good time. I like your tone.


    nice Jake, that’s the new Copper?


    Thanks for the input guys. Yea, I noticed the uppers not so in tune James. I will try out what you had suggested. Mouthpiece is in rite place. Just need to work on my long tones and intonation.
    No this wasn’t the copper reed. still needs some getting used too. I usually play fibracell 3 reeds but this time I used a 2.5 plasticover I had kicking around while experimenting. I play a Theo wanne DATA HR 8 MP.

    William CingolaniWilliam Cingolani

    I worked on this one for three days. F#. I played it over and over. Every body in the house hated it. So today i’ll try the easier version. Still F#. I know F#. So if every body in the house still hates it I must be playing it wrong.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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