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    Ronnie Niles

      I love 80s music, have always loved this song by Richard Marx–love the Saxophone lines in this song!


        Hi Ronnie, sounds like could be our Ab blues scale fits this air ..

        What do you think?

        Ronnie Niles

          @Saxmonica I can’t tell what key a song is by ear and I have a hard time with that. All the references I found said the song is in the key of Bb flat. The chorify link you shared shows Bb also.


            Ronnie. Good stuff! There’s a link below. If we can hear, sing, play it is easier to put our ears on ya?
            Actually if you download the app Tonal Energy to your tablet or phone it helps develop your ear, can use it when practicing or working out song keys.

            It’s always good to try and learn songs that we like as they will stick. Like, after the zillionth rerpetition lol.

            I hope you can jam along with this song using your Ab scale now?
            4 flats viz Ab Bb Cb C Eb F.

            But i think to meself G# Bb B C D# F

            which i then transpose to ~

            3# (three fingers and the top paddle key with pinky)
            1* (ist finger and little bisque key together or alternatively 2 fingers and bottom side bar)
            2/3 middle key of the top three keys
            6# all 6 keys, and add the bottom far tab key with the little pinky /with octave key
            4 top 3 keys and the first key of next row down /with octave key

            viz 3#, 1*, 2/3, 6#, 4

            i usually put a line under the last two notes to indicate using the octave key but can’d do it here ….

            Anywayz i find it hard to say oh yeah A flat and then think just where to put my fingers, so use the system above.

            Also i have a crazee way of writing musical staff where i fatten up the miidle line (b) and put spaces between the others to correspond to the sax fingering. Kinda works for me.

            All this is not Gospel. It may not even be right! Find your own way. It will be groovee!

            If you can learn to read music from the get go you are streets ahead of me!
            I share this in good faith ‘n not to be a poser, just hope it gets you thinkin’ 🙂

            Of course we can’t get the bottom Ab here but it’s the guts of the scale and herewith a good start:


            Ronnie Niles

              @Saxmonica Very nice, thanks you for sharing.

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