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    Tom Lang

      That’s how I treat my Cains with resect, and they play wonderful. Soak mine in hydrogen peroxide after use and dry them off and put in sleeve. Ready to go. The plastic on the bottom of synthetics reeds are too thick and will not vi berate as well. I roll my Cain reeds with a little roller I made. You have to remember most sax players can not afford expensive saxes, mouthpieces and reeds. Sax playing has become an expense for the average sax player. Good luck to those that do use synthetic. I travel with plastic coated reeds and I have no problem with shitty reeds. I just wish someone would make a video of what I just said. I don’t have time to do that. I take cheep plastic mouthpieces and fix I’m, so they work. I have one pro mouthpiece I use, but I can tell you the cheap plastic ones work great, unless you are making a living off of sax music. I don’t believe every pro sax player. I have pro resources locally to help me out. Go get some help from a good down to earth teacher. Video your self to see how you sound and look. Best regards Tom Old Guy Studio. Any questions here is my email (


        hi Saxomonica

        When my reeds aren’t in use, i leave the tips of 4 reeds standing in half an inch of mouth wash in a plastic jar with the lid on. The reason for the lid is in case the jar gets knocked over.

        I do rotate the reeds and have a different pen mark on each reed, and because the tips are left standing in liquid, that gives the reeds a chance to return back to their natural physical state.

        When you play them you put them under a lot of stress, often bending them slightly out of shape and a reed will try to spring back to its original structure when resting. They don’t behave like metal which when bent out shape stays out of shape.

        If i’m going out to play my sax somewhere else, and it’s not far away, then i just leave the reed on the mouthpiece, then when i get home i just put it back in the jar. Reeds stay damp for quite a long period, depending on the surrounding temperatures, they soon recover in liquids.


          Hiya SP.
          Thanks ever so much for your reply, kind words and reeding clarification.
          That’s a great help. Groovy, way cool. “You’ve got a friend in me”.
          As Buzz Lightreed may have been heard to state – to Infinity, and further!
          Good vibrations. All the best in 2021.

          Saxophone Reeds – What You Need to Know


            Hi Saxomonica,
            All the best in 21 and beyond,
            stay safe,
            live long and prosper!

          Viewing 4 posts - 11 through 14 (of 14 total)
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