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    Michael BishopMichael Bishop

    Hey Johnny,

    I got to test the Fiberreeds yesterday for the first time, very nice! They sound better than the Fibracells–especially in the upper range of the Saxophone. It takes more effort to get Altissimo notes out on the Fibracells than the Hemp. With the Hemp reeds, not that much effort was required. They’re loud, bright and buzzy, very cool 🙂 They’re perfect for the Blues and other stuff I love to play 🙂 The notes with the hemp also sound more compact and focused vs. Fibracell reeds.

    The Carbon Fiber Reeds aren’t as ‘buzzy’ and loud as the Hemp, but they’re fat and full sounding. I was surprised how easy it was to hit the low notes with these reeds, sounds pretty ‘smooth’ too 🙂 I think both the Hemp and the Carbon Onxy reeds have a time and place. I’ll keep practicing with these reeds and go from there. Thanks for bringing these reeds to us! 🙂

    Tom Lang

    Love my hemp tenor reed. Lasts a long time and can by tuned to suit your mouth piece.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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