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    Mike Potter

    It was a huge blast getting to play live again. The last gig I played was Jan 20th of last year. We played at a local club, 25% capacity (just over 40 people), did two sets of original tunes. Messed up about half of them! We only practiced once before this gig, two weeks back. Not great but man it was nice getting to play again.


    Leo S.

    Mike that was great, good group everyone seems to be having a great time….Jealous ( you are in a band )! backing tracks are fun to play with but a live band
    is something else again.


    Love this song, give it a go low notes are not “full on” but trying


    right on Mike, looks like a fun band to play with. Funnily enough we had a bar called the Coach House here in Vancouver where I grew up….it was actually in North Vancouver and was there the entire time I went to college there so knew it well!

    Ja Br

    Nice one Mike,

    when i get my 2nd covid vaccine in May, i will be able to start back face-face Sax lessons which i’ve missed out on over a year. I could have done online lessons, but gave that miss – just not the same.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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