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    Mark Kiziuk

      Hello everyone! I have something I want to share. I found something that shines up your nickel plating AND SHINES up the sax!! I came across Flitz Polish when I purchased an old Buescher and the thing smelled to high heaven and the nickel plating was in pretty rough shape! It even had fingerprints etched into 2 of the levers! THAT was caused when they were nickel plating it at the factory and the oil in the skin was on the levers when they were nickel plating and in time the skin oil ate through the nickel plating leaving permanent fingerprints. I did a search for that on the net. I wanted to use a polish to clean the nickel plating, but polishes scratch! And I read reviews on Amazon that since Lemon Pledge changed their formula, it doesn’t do what it used to do. So what do I do? I did a lot of searching on the net. I came across a police forum, and they were explaining how they clean their nickel plated guns. They all swore by something called,”Flitz Polish” I’m thinking,”well that’s going to scratch” all the reviews said it does NOT SCRATCH. So, I bought a 3.4 liter oz from eBay. WOW!!!! This stuff is GREAT!! It Shined all of my nickel plating like mirror! It even removed the fingerprints! I got some by accident on the laquer, and I’m thinking, this is going to scratch the laquer. NOPE!!! It shined it up! So I cleaned the ENTIRE tenor sax with it! Wow!!! It’s beautiful! And it shines!! And NO scratching! If you go on eBay look for Flitz Polish and it says “for metal,plastic,and fiberglass” on the back it says,”contains NO ammonia or abrasives. Acid free, non toxic,non flammable,safetly cleans, polished and protects. I love this stuff!

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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