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    wayne wojnarowski

    Hey Kevin too much boom in the room you dropped a black backdrop??

    wayne wojnarowski

    Patrick thanks for the reply so very , interesting i like to play different brands as well and have found out kind of the same . V 16’s 3seem for me to be easier to play than a Java Red same strength , I guess I’m from the school of thought like yours, keep going up in strength as a body builder in terms of reed strength . Whats the difference between a great tone on a strength 3 reed or strength 4 reed???

    Patrick Reolon

    As far as I know, concerning the sound, the reed strength should really make no difference (I am summing up my physics knowledge, and the sound is in fact more in the reed cut/form than its strength).
    The Reed strength is just a compensation for the human organism (diafragma strength, lung volume, lip strength and gut).
    So there is no need train for higher reed stregths, in fact I believe everybody is different and for some people a lower number may be the natural limit, but this should in no way affect the sound produced…


    Growling is basically humming a sound while you blow the sax – which everyone knows, a form of multitasking.

    An interesting point i came across, apparantly if you hum the 3rd or the 5th or an octave higher of the note you are currently playing,
    you get the most effective growl.

    Mark Kiziuk

    Hey everyone! I have some advice on growling. I’ve only had a saxophone for I think 3 weeks and I am able to growl! I will tell you how I do it. I make a gargling sound into my mouthpiece! I gargle without mouthwash of course, but I just gargle, kind of like purring like a cat. It works for me, and I hope this helps others.

    Stanislas Gaillard

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve encountered similar difficulties as Patrick and his phrase “as soon as I put the mouthpiece into my mouth my throat is not able to roar…” sounds very familiar to me.

    After repeated research online, I found out that two main techniques are often suggested.

    I’ve started trying the first one : just roar into the sax. But I could’nt stop coughing… No doubt : I was pretty bad in lion

    After being discouraged for a while I have recently moved on to the next : just sing (hum) a note but not the same as you are playing. And this time… It works !

    But only for the first note played, because I can’t hold one after another for the moment, but it’s just a start and with time, training and persévérance…

    I hope this may help.


    right Stan, it’s certainly not a roar, just a humming sound. I play different levels or variations of it; sometimes it barely sounds like a growl and then other times it can be amplified to sound like a huge growl.
    sounds like you got it, just practice different levels of it. It may make it easier if you do it lightly first.

    brother cavefish

    just clearing your throat is growling, clear as you play, yea and i guess roaring is the same


    Yesterday I was doing some growling while playing “The Wanderer”; so today I’ll do some more growls and I used the one note method for the solo and then 2 notes. I usually loose my place in the song while soloing; just wandering around

    Stanislas Gaillard

    Thanks to all of you for your tips and comments.

    Brother Cavefish, I apreciate your helping hand but I am afraid that my throat is a little bit sensitive to play long high notes for solos. Especially in front of ten thousand fans ! ;D

    Johnny, it’s exactly what I love with learning music and particularly this beautiful and surprising instrument : test many different things thanks to people who have experience with and/or knowledge about it and discover new things along the way.

    My one regret is not having discovered the saxophone earlier.

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