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    Hi, im female, my name is Candi, middle aged, and i had played the drums 7plus years straight in churches, sometimes by ear the five string bass guitar, often times the alto sax for a few years by ear, i play around on a african djembe 15 inch i believe. So now for the past 2 years id traded alto and brought in its original silver plate, a conn 10m tenor sax, naked lady rolled tones, joes sax overhauled in roo pads n oversized resos and were maintained until retirement, currently i’m practicing with a dukoff bd hollywood mouthpiece. Still trying to find my fav reed, currently liking the vandoren zz jazz but that can change soon. I hope to learn how to read music better than i do, and play the tenor in a way im actually pleased with instead of not knowing what im playing. Playing by ear is not enough, i want more learning and knowledge and enjoy or have fun doing so. Its nice to meet everyone, im very opening to be taught and learn. Its a pleasure to be here, thank you…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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