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      I did a live gig last week and took a cane reed just to have in case my fiberreeds chipped. I ended up using the Vandoren cane and it worked great. so I left it on my sax all this week and it started to remind me of all the hassles it gave me; drying out, squeaking etc. today I finally put an Onyx back on and it feels great. all-round just a better reed than cane…for me anyways. (the Copper is nice too)

      Jazz Cat

        yeah, tru re cane… it makes a substantial difference, huge, that i dont have to take the reed off mp every dang time to get it wet, to play… i’m becoming a better sax player because its here on the stand next to me and i can just pick it up and play instantly. plus im even finally getting a growly sound (you motivate me a lot, ur growly tone is outstanding), plus hi notes way easier, using copper carbon classic 2.5. many thx

      Viewing 2 posts - 11 through 12 (of 12 total)
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