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    brother cavefish
    brother cavefish

    well POET, the exercise could be something, did it we will see if my playing is improved , i have a headache now



    i tried it sitting down and didn’t notice any difference.

    Then i tried it standing up and the only difference i noticed
    was my stomach muscles completely relaxed, perhaps it works
    better standing up. Perhaps my stomach muscles relaxed simply by
    lifting my arms up and this exercise is a load of mumbo jumbo.

    Some other people have reported back headaches, if thats the case,
    it must be doing something either in a good way or a bad way.

    When i was in my twenties i was so stressed out with work,
    i went to a hypnotherapist, he recomended a minimum number of
    sessions (to line his pockets) and then told me i could go away
    and hypnotise myself to destress and would no longer need his
    services. Ok, it felt uncomfortable being in a slightly darkened
    room with your eyes shut and a complete stranger talking in a boring
    monotonous tone droning on and on.

    But i went in with an open mind, and after the first session, a weight lifted off my mind, then i went back once a week for the rest of the sessions, to be honest i didn’t notice any difference before and after each session.

    I think it was a placebo effect, i was expecting a change, so my mind
    engineered a change, and it had nothing to do with the hypnotherapy,
    otherwise i would have noticed a change everytime i went.



    Howz thangs between the ears this day fellas? Any changes??

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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