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    Michael Fisher

    Hi everyone.

    I am a very early learner and Premium Member. Can’t get enough of Johnny’s songs. His treatment of ’em is grrrreat!

    Would like to download many if not all of Johnny’s songs in the Repertoire Section.
    Not only are they superb for entertainment but I want to get them into my head i.e. learn them by ear.
    So repetition repetition ad infinitum…ish.

    If you know that’s possible I’d appreciate your pointers.

    Best regards to all the splutterers and wheezers out there.



    Hiya Michael! 🙂

    Here’s the thang –


    for converting youtube mp4 to mp3 go to :


    cut and paste you tune clips in to try it out?

    @johnny shared with us a video grab app some time back but it had gone outta date when i tried it out, couldn’t download .. maybe my computer?

    anywayz suggest burn your Backing Tracks download mp3’s from @johnny to CD with Windows Media Player, say, and play them in the car, shower, wherever ..

    Incidentally there’s some great contributers; like @sxpoet on line here
    you may mind the Forum library is a veritable treasure trove to trawl through [see “Forum” along the black header bar above]

    there’s lotsa good tutors on line, Nigel, Jay, Dan, Christian, Donna, just to name a few – you can try them all out on youtube sometime
    but for ease of expression, brilliant tutes, hot songs and the best backing tacks out i put it to you that this site is the place to be
    moreover i’ve found nobody else really covers rock and roll tunes in depth like here either

    we are on about the same page in learning and i’m lovin’ the Premium Membership – how ya finding it?
    cheers mark

    here’s one from Donna with some practical tips to address your query- and hear ya later!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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