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      Simply copy the video’s URL here.



          Guys: This is 3 D By Big J. Check out the guitar player. He is lost. Jay at his best1 Tim Oh, check out his ligature! It’s a Winslow.


            fantasic drummer & base player
            in there to sustain the 3 sax’s!
            Piano harmony fills in well, to me
            its like listening to 4 dimensions
            of sound – it pulls my mind apart, you don’t get time to stop you get dragged along with it!

            i can hear the early beginnings of
            rock, bits of Jazz, swing…complete chaos but it works

            Michael Bishop

              Hey Tim, I first saw this video you’re sharing here about 8 months ago, all’s you can do when we look at those guys play is 🙂 That’s so cool how they change keys like they do, adds so much. Here’s the first video I had seen of Gary Wiggins and Big Jay playing together, which is how I found the video you’re sharing…those guys are so good….I would be quite content to, someday, be able to play a Saxophone 1/2 as good as they do–or 1/2 of 1/2 as good LOL


                Seriously – if i played my sax as loud & like how they play it around our house – either 2 things
                would happen

                My wife would take a sledge hammer to my sax or she would go out and
                buy an elephant hunting rifle and
                use it to blow my brains out! lol

                They are top players – i couldn’t
                begin to imagine the amount of practice they must have done to
                get to that level of playing!


                  Guys: J would do the walk around the bar when I was there all the time! Great story of him doing it in San Diego CA. He went outside of the place he was playing in.The neighbors got tired of it and called the cops. He was taken to jail. A band member got him out and they kept playing the rest of the night. Too funny. JB. You gotta play loud! You can lower the sound later!. This way you hear yourself! Like playing long tones, Gotta be loud so you can figure out the highs and lows. It’s a must! Just saying. My wife hates the high notes. I can’t even do Altisimo. F# gets her! Oh well, leave!

                  Michael Bishop

                    Yeah..I love how Big Jay walks around and plays right in front of your face like that 🙂 Thanks to Johnny’s Instruction and help (wouldn’t know how to do anything if it weren’t for Johnny) I can play Altissimo G in the 5TH Octave…my wife says “as long as you’re in the other room” then she’s fine with it; guess I shouldn’t take that for granted LOL The only time she gets “upset” with me is when I decide to give our dogs a hard time. They’ll come up to me wanting to be petted. If I’m practicing, I’ll sneak up on the dogs and play loud Altissimo notes very sharp/suddenly…..our dogs DO NOT like it; they literally put their ears down, whine, and get as far away from me as they can from me. My wife says that I am “cruel”…..I’ve trained them not to “bother” me when I’m practicing 🙂


                      lol – when i was in my teens,
                      i had a trombone, which i couldn’t
                      play – but i could blow a bottom note blast as loud as a motor bike engine! like one of them big liner

                      I used to open the upstairs bedroom window, pull the lace curtains across it
                      so no one could see in,
                      then i’d wait till someone came
                      walking down and when they were
                      passing below the window i would
                      blast out the biggest low note
                      and watch them jump! lol

                      Now-a-days when i play the sax
                      in the upstairs bedroom the only
                      thing that happens is it attracts
                      pidgeons, which start walking round the slate roof under the
                      window – i have to shoo them awsy!


                        I was very inspired by Big J and played Deacon’s Hop a lot with my band and most nights walked off the stage while playing it and walked all through the room….people loved it. It set the tone…they knew we meant business cause you just don’t see too many musicians doing that.

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