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    Robert Gay

      How do you do it and where do you start…Any one please explain in simplest terms to me please…ok on melody's, But improvisation is holding me back.

      Thank you for any help.


        Hi Robert, there is a very basic improvisation lesson in the "improvisation" section… I think it's the first one called Pentatonic Blues Scale.

        This has an explanation of the scale, which is only 5 notes. This is the easiest scale to learn.

        Learn those scales, I wrote down the notes as well. Then click on the next lesson link at the bottom of that page…

        That lesson makes this even easier as you are shown how to take only 3 of those notes of the pentatonic scale and start to improvise. The notes are written down for you to see and I play them in the video.

        When you have learned those notes you can play them over the band tracks which there is a link to on the page.

        3 notes then 4 notes then 5 notes… you cant's make it any easier than that. Learn those notes and copy what I play in the video untill you can do it with the band track. This will give you a good basic starting point and you'll soon be able to move on.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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