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    Hello Everybody!
    Wondering what inspired you to play sax?
    Please share!

    In my case i loved Roxy Music’s “Lets Stick Together” which got me going on the harp as a young tacker.
    Do you think Jerry Hall appearing on the vid had anything to do with it lol
    Years later i realized the harp riff was actually the sax. I love the sax coz it is so bright and shiny.
    There’s a Latin saying, “i number none but shining hours”.

    Recently saw Bryan Ferry. A Night On The Green, at an outside venue. Kings Park.
    The last track of the night was, Lets Stick Together.
    The sax player was brilliant. Here’s a link:


    Anyways what inspired your good self to play sax?
    Another thing – what keeps you motivated?


    john springer

    Why the sax? Baker Street, Last Date, no chords, bendable notes and easier than guitar.

    What keeps me motivated? – Johnny and his backing tracks with matching sheet music! I have always found backing track in one key and music in another key and I am soooo tired of transposing or searching for a match. Johnny did all that work for all the songs I ever want to play.


    thanks John, glad you lime em.
    yup, it’s the reason why we go thru all those exercises, scales etc
    to play an entertaining tune. there’s several good reasons why playing with the backing tracks is good for us…
    forces us to play in time, in tune, so ultimately it will improve us as musicians. just like playing with other people.
    it’s the next best thing, someways even better. also, it makes practicing way more fun.
    I’ve been doing it for many years, way before I started creating em for the website.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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