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    bill thomas

      Does anyone know what happened to Johnny, or where he’s been?
      Hope he’s ok…


        I’m just fine thanks!
        I answered your last post as well.


          Johnny told his Momma, Hey Momma I’m goin’ away
          I’m gonna hit the big time, gonna be a big star someday
          Momma came to the door with a tear drop in her eye
          Johnny said, Don’t cry Momma smile & wave goodbye

          Johnny made a record, went straight up to number one
          Suddenly everyone loved to hear him sax the song
          Watching the world go by, surprisin’ it goes so fast
          Johnny looked around him and said, Well, I made the big time at

          thats all I know that!

          bill thomas

            Glad to hear you are ok. I didn’t get your last reply. Can you tell me where it is so I can get more used to this forum, I do have troubles with it.
            Can you please send me the download link to “can’t help falling in love” that I paid for but didn’t get directed to the d/l site.
            Thank you very much,

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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