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    Michael Bishop

      Is this good stuff or what?!? Hitting these really high notes in our playing is so, SO expressive….can’t help but wanna play the Saxophone when you hear song like this 🙂


        perfect pitch – pure knock you out dead sound!
        A good pair lungs, lots of hard
        daily repetitive work on those
        high notes to keep that standard.
        Thats calls for high maintainance – if not a gifted player! lol

        To me (probably wrong) – vibrato, altissimo, trilling (the icing on the cake) works great for spicing up certain songs – when theres call for it – go for it!!!

        Still waiting to hear the Tenor Michael ?

        Michael Bishop

          Sometime this week JB, just had a lot going on this past week plus my son who does the video editing got hit with the flu; he didn’t go work either. He loves working at the movie theater (and I get free movies LOL) He’s starting to feel a little better.


            cool Michael! No rush man!
            I’m struggling with 2 orchestra songs & 2 jazz songs for next month! Had to get my teacher to go
            through them bar by bar🎷

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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