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      Yesterday I switched mouthpieces; switched from my fatboy to my King mouthpiece. I’m using Johnny’s Night Train tutorial. Every thing was easier to play with the King mouthpiece and soft carbon Onyx reed.


        very interesting William.


          The low Bb in Night Train was easier to play using the King mouthpiece


            Mouthpiece design’s usually give a specific type of sound (either classical dark or rock bright) – on average most people pick a mouthpiece just based on how good they sound.

            However, what i didn’t realise until years later, that some mouth piece designs are more flexible and make it a lot easier when it comes to playing very tricky pieces of music (ornamentals etc..)

            When i got my Alto King – i found i could embouchure certain types of stuff that my other mouthpieces wouldn’t let me do in a million years.
            Sound and limited capabilities – the minefield of mouthpiece types.


              Haven’t seen any King mps out my way but will keep me eyes peeled, guys! Thanx 4 the thumbs up. Currently i use an Otto Link Super Tone Master #7 and have switched back to bamboo from synthetics. Finally, i have learnt to play really soft too – and breathy like. Egad! i say what old chappies it seems i have found my voice! Whoop whoop. Been eyeing of a Jody Jazz DV7 of late but don’t wanna get caught in the mp minefield ….. #HowMuchIsEnough

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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