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        lots of good stuff on taming the sax website saxomonica!
        i have to write on the music sheets where to use alternative fingers, as i get lazy and tend to use standard finger positions – but start me on alternative finger positions on the clarinet. To play scales on the clarinet is ten times harder than on the sax in terms of fingering, anyone who wants to get anywhere on the clarinet has to do some serious scale practice, i would a lot more scale practice than on the sax.

        The c Major scale on the sax is easy peasy, on the clarinet the biggest hurdle is jumping from key A to key B, i’ve been practicing the clarinet 3 months and i still can’t run up and down the C major scale, it’s that finger technical.


          there is also an up to date list link on the saxophone music page just under the 2 videos;
          it says scroll down to view all songs or click here for list in alphabetical order.

          Songs Alphabetical Order



            I saw the alphabetic list years ago, and then i couldn’t find it this time, as i scrolled down too fast. I’ll use that next time to update my list, as i use check boxes on my list to indicate which ones i have.



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              Viewing 6 posts - 21 through 26 (of 26 total)
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