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    James Keillor

      more questions 🙂

      I believe im getting a really nice sound from my sax, my girlfriend agrees (she plays clari in a concert band so i would hope she would know :p)
      Anyway, to me it sounds like when i tongue notes the actual noise of tonguing them is really loud and can be heard. Sometimes its more prominent than others (maybe when its colder?) and it kinda annoys me to hear it to be honest haha. I cant hear it in any of your videos johnny but I can hear it when I record myself. It might be the fact im using my phone to record. Ill try and record it and post for you guys to listen too, and ill ask my girlfriend if she nitices it as much as I do.

      Thanks in advance.

      PS. Just discovered playing in the bathroom or the hallway means I can really hear what I sound like!


        Why do you think people sound better when they sing in the shower? You found 2 good rooms to record in. Recording yourself is a really good idea if you want to improve faster.

        As far as your loud tonguing problem, there are fixes available but do record yourself cause I'd like to hear what you're talking about.

        James Keillor

          Here is a link to a recording I just did.

          I doesnt seem to sound as loud as normal in that recording so im thinking its just all in my head 🙂
          Either that or its just becuase im using my phone to record

          In case you were wondering im attempting the solo from Sorrow as performed by David Bowie. Originally on alto but transposed for tenor 🙂


            James, It sounds like a little bit of both… the limiter/compression on your recording device is overly sensitive, your tonguing technique sounds a little bit heavy as well.

            I can't help you with your recorder but try and lighten up on your tongue a little bit. Light tongue, push off your reed quicker, don't be so heavy with it… ta,ta,ta…shorter connection time.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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