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    Mike Potter

    I played along with Johnny’s backing track a couple of times and then recorded this version, I have a hard time playing ballads, but it was fun working on being “airy” in the low notes. I remember when this song first came out (1964) I was 6, my parents played this 45 all the time on the console stereo in the living room. I grew up in the beach communities (Huntington, Seal and Long Beach) and several times we were at the same restaurants as both Bill and Bobby, my mom would act like a groupie and go fawn over Bill, it was embarrassing LOL!!! I saw Bill at the OC airport a few years back and said “hi”, we stood out in front waiting for rides and chatting for a bit, nobody knew who he was, told him I missed his club in Fountain Valley (Bill Medley’s Music City), it closed in ’93. I know a few musicians who played in the house band (Wayne Wayne and Don Hawkins – both sax players) he remembered them, mostly getting high with them! Nice guy, huge talent.

    Loving Feeling

    Robert Frederick

    Very nice!


    Love your version Mike, another one bites the dust.


    Enjoyed it!


    Another one well played! Congrats!! This is on my to do list!! Love the song. Nice story you provided too!!!


    I love it, Mike! Very light and langorous to start – almost lazy – then comes bittsa bite and rasp and then to a fully bright on signature.. it’s very moving and certainly played masterfully. Ya, itz a deep, abiding and honest take. To lovely. Thanking you. 🙂

    Gary Deripaska

    Thank you for sharing Mike, as usual with you , Fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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