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      This would be a really useful tip/topic to dip into for reference purposes

      What Reed brand do you find works well with a specific mouthpiece?

      I use a Selmar Solo mouthpiece, snd it works great with La Voz reeds, ZZ’s reeds come a close 2nd the only problem i find they dont work well for long periods and go very soft.


        I think that might be a valid point for the ZZ’s…they are great outta the box but the possible downside is they may not last as long as other reeds that aren’t so great outta the box. I have limited experience with them but plan to try some more as soon as my store gets them in again.


          Johnny you are dead right about the ZZ’s. I put the first one on today and bingo. Didn’t need to play the other four in the box! They do sound very good with the the MB II. Better than the V16 imo. I went with a number 2 for safety but may handle a 2.5 if not now then pretty soon. It changes the tone of the MP so much. Worth it even if they don’t last as long. I do remember liking these very much also on my alto. It is great that I can now get down to some good solid practice and moulding of my sound and put this combo to good long term use..

          Bill Mecca

            I play plasticovers. #3 on a .110 opening, custom Link STM, Runyon Quantum (metal and delrin) HR Berg… I have played fibracells and found them similar to V16s in response, but tougher on my chops (when I wasn’t playing as much) Tried some ZZs, but not used them enough to really rate them. I’ve played Bari, Bari*, in both tenor and baritone (on a tenor mpc) but they wore me out and sounded more “plasticy”. I’ve stuck with the Plasticover’s for years.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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