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    Hi Guys

    Using the neck strap which came with my sax, I develop neck pain and a headache when playing for more than two hours. I decided to have a go at making my own strap. I bought a coupling, 4m of nylon belt and a plastic buckle all for under $2. I sewed the strap together where it overlapped behind my back, sewed on the buckle and melted the ends of the strap to prevent it from fraying. I played for three hours today with my new strap and experienced no neck pain or headache – What a pleasure!

    Sax Neck Strap

    For even more comfort one could add shoulder pads. The strap across the front does not pull as much as I thought it might, and it doesn’t impede my breathing at all. If the buckle does come loose, the sax can’t fall because the belt is sewed together behind the neck.


    Wow Jeff that’s great
    You could start your own business!



    I actually bought a harness similar to this after I started playing my selmer Bari sax. I could feel strain in my back after a very short time. Definitely helps by distributing weight evenly. Gotta say u made your cheaper than I bought mine. Great idea!!



    Perfect, Jeff!!!
    I use a standard harness but I find it kinda restraining some movements, especially when I want to push the sax forward (away from my belly) since the pivot point is fixed onto the chest. Your invention is very cool and fixes that… it maintains the long straps, and the pivot point is on the shoulders, like a neck strap, which gives much more freedom of movements.


    jak Swift

    Good job Jeff. !!


    William Cingolani

    I finally bought a Just Joe Sax gel strap. I have the one with a hook and it stays in place. http://justjoessaxgelstrap.com/purchase/ I bought the Medium Long. Fits most guys


    Michael Collins

    Hi folks, I’ve been playing sax professionally for 37yrs, last few years have been rough due to compressed 5th/6th vertebrae causing pain in neck but also down left arm with horrible sensation in little finger 🙁 hence I’ve been trawling thru different slings,straps, harnesses and stands. At the moment I use a SaxLab Saxholder for my Alto playing while sitting during my day job (military band) and for my gigging on tenor I’m am now using a SaxRax SaxStick Standing stand, I’ve moved to this from a Hercules Grabber Standing Sax Stand. I find the SaxStick better for gigging as it allows more movement on stage!

    I’m very lucky in that my day job pays for physiotherapy once a week so that really gets me thru



    Michael, I also got the SaxLab SaxHolder. It is an awesome product. Would highly recommend. Any discomfort from having the sax suspended for playing is a thing of the past. The adjuster they use to set the length locks solid.




    Hi Kevin
    I have just got the Sax lab Sax holder and what a difference
    it has made to my playing no more bad neck pain now and the
    sound is totally better. I know it may seem strange to some
    but it allows your throat to open better (no pressure on the neck from old neck strap)
    and breathing is more controlled due to the design of the stomach pad.
    I would recommend this to anyone who as neck problems like myself.



    I have a bad back and also can’t hang the sax from my neck. I have been using this harness and like it a lot! The strap in front is free hanging which allows me great movement without being confined.




    You don’t have straps tide around your middle
    your shoulders take all the weight of the sax
    it does what it says in the” tin ” it is a great idea
    and I normally don’t fall for gimmicks, but this is
    great for me and anyone with neck problems also
    will deter future problems for players I would think.



    Hi Mel, the Neotech strap works similar to what I made. I must say that it looks far more professional than mine. If I was you I would adjust those front straps to where they are comfortable, then secure the loose ends with a couple of stitches to hold them in place. Those buckles work well when there is tension on the belt, but when the tension is eased the belts can move around, so you may be continually readjusting them. I added velco strips to secure the loose strap ends, which also make it look neater. Since I made my simple strap I’ve had no more headaches.

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