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    Elizaveta Bobrova

    Hey, My name is Liza I really need an advice of those who love music
    We created an easy saxophone that you don’t need to learn how to play. The notes are picked up so that you can not falsify, and you will start playing blues in a few hours. It’s more likely for the beginners, not professionals.
    Your opinion about Sax will really help me. May you please answer some questions about it?
    How do you like our Sax?
    Do you want to have it? If no, please explain why
    If yes, how much are you ready to pay for it?
    Here you may listen to it: https://youtu.be/NOjnbEfqURU
    Thank you so much for your help


    Candidly i don’t like the abs sax all that much you’ve constructed, Liza, as it is in the wrong key for me personally.
    But don’t let me put you off. You are a very creative soul. There is a market out there for you!
    Coz i learnt to play here on site i am probably biased.
    If i saw it in a shop or online and i was just beginning i would probably love it!
    If the price is right i might even buy it anwayz to give it a go and to support you later on.

    People shouldn’t be lazy y’know and learn the correct sax fingerings in the first instant.
    Because yours may be very hard to unlearn later. I wonder how much it will cost?

    Nice tone ya got there! Innovative.
    Looking good. All the best.

    Mike Potter

    Liza, I applaud your creativity and inventiveness! Obviously you’ve approached designing this instrument to fit your needs. Sound wise, like anything else it depends on the player. You might want to consider doing a demo with an experienced sax player as well so those listening can hear how the sax would sound in the hands of different levels of players. Amazing what can be done with 3D printing!!! Is there a market for your design, absolutely, probably more in a novelty niche than competing with the traditionally manufactured instruments. But, that’s a start! What do you see as your selling price range?


    pretty cool. limited but as Mike says, maybe an experienced player with a band or a backing track would be a lot more inspiring. Nevertheless, it can be a great tool for someone to at least get a start on improvisation.

    brother cavefishbrother cavefish

    well for me i really cant get into playing a plastic instrument, for me anyway, pat of playing an instrument is the beauty, and workmanship, wood , brass glass , etc,

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