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    lloyd carpenter

      Hello all, names lloyd,Recently had my horn overhauled as it changed regester all on its ownsome(air-leaks)yep i bought it second hand from a music shop for £400 back in 1984, its got a lower F#key so i knew it was pretty new, what i`m saying is, so you think buying it cheap(ebay)will save you money.
      Buy it from a music shop.


        Hi Lloyd, sorry to hear about your leaky problems. Ya, the octave key will make you jump octaves if there is even the slightest leak there but it's only a small pad that needs to be changed.

        A true, complete overhaul on a sax can cost more than some saxophones are worth, so for a cheap student model you shouldn't really worry about investing in a complete overhaul. The tiny and specific detailed work that a repair pro gets into is not noticeable enough for a beginner on a cheap horn.

        Usually, just replacing the bad pads will get the thing working better than good enough in my experience.

        if anyone is shopping for a sax on eBay beware, there are some really crappy cheap ones made in China… some repair guys won't even work on them for fear of them falling apart!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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